╳ Performance Drawings

One of a select group of artists commissioned to re-perform the work of Marina Abramovic during her retrospective at MoMA, American artist Tony Orrico explores the capacity of the human body as a physical tool for creating art, using his own body to create huge drawings.  A visual artist, performer, and choreographer, his ‘Penwald Drawings’ have been presented and exhibited internationally, attracting attention from prominent collectors and institutions.

Says Orrico: “I marvel at the composition of nature and cycles, I am not versed in the convergence of art and mathematics or sciences, but find myself instinctually attracted to this relationship. I try to dilute my efforts and find an experiential point of entrance. I like to experiment with both embodied and cognitive systems that yield beauty. My favorite art is somewhat accidental and overwhelmingly concise.”

He almost feels like a human spirograph.