╳ Dressed For Dinner

In an extremely light-hearted way, this collection of tableware 'Dressed for Dinner' illustrates the social aspects that are involved during dining out.  Dining involves so much more than eating… be it a romantic date, a dinner for work or a ‘first’ meeting with the in-laws.  We are all familiar with these events, from lingering over the right wardrobe, actually getting dressed…the attraction and seduction during the evening are all as much part of dining as enjoying the food itself.

“I take a lighthearted approach toward designing products,” says Dutch designer Marianne van Ooji “I like my designs to tell a story, to refer to many areas of our lives.  It is the process of coming up with new ideas that I like most.  Designing for me is creating things that seem obvious, but that no one has thought of before.   Whether the end result is a high end object, or a hand-crafted piece, matters less to me.”

Sculpted by hand, these pieces are more like sculptures than everyday tableware and although not practical they do remind us that there was once a more elegant way of enjoying supper than eating from containers in front of the television.  Food for thought!