╳ Le Labo

Firmly in control of the apothecary-chic aesthetic, the sophisticated perfume Atelier Le Labo can’t fail to impress most nostrils that come across their range of products. From their stores in Paris, New York, Tokyo, Berlin, London, Amsterdam and every other major city you can think of to their exclusive line for Anthropologie, the world of Le Labo fragrances is full of intrigue and desire. It is an art, a science and an obsession.

There is something distinctly magical about this brand and people are mad about it! All of their perfumes are unisex and 100% vegan, as are the founders Fabrice Penot and Eddie Roschi, two gentlemen that are changing the fragrance industry through their commitment to esthetic olfactology (the study of the sense of smell) the environment and animals. Browsing around a Le Labo boutique is like delving into granny’s hidden attic trunk – full of unexpected surprises and vintage delights, with each new find more charming than the last and it’s rare these days to feel such fulfillment without the exchange of cash.

Truly rare though is the Le Labo philosophy. In a world saturated by over-processed advertising campaigns purporting to sell ‘unique experiences,’ luxury perfume manufacturers hawk their goods in the same manner as Target or Walmart unlike Le Labo, who formulates each of its 10 fragrances by hand, on demand, in a single location, their New York perfumery Lab. The Lab is open to the public and visitors are encouraged test, sniff, touch, listen and learn about the fine art of perfume-making: all without being pressed into buying.

The ‘Sampling Program,’ another unique aspect how Le Labo runs their business, is a set of three 5ml glass rods with spray, cap and personalised label, containing 3 different scents which allows first-time-buyers to ‘bond’ with a fragrance before committing to a final choice; and should you wish to fill your home with a wonderful fragrance, Le Labo have created a range of scented candles and Vintage Candles. Hand poured and highly concentrated in oils, their 100% soy wax candles burn for more than 50 hours of pure heaven. Smells include Calone 17: marine notes mixed with geranium and amber or Petit Grain 21: orange blossoms blended with luscious green undertones…umm sounds good enough to eat!