╳ Daniel Ogassian

Daniel Ogassian is a Los Angeles artisan turned industrial designer. His ceramic and concrete wall and floor tiles are simply amazing. The use of concrete as a material to manufacture tiles is unconventional but he manages to balance craftsmanship with machine efficiency.

His tiles are a playful exercise in symmetry combined with the subtlety usually accredited to modern Japanese architecture. According to Ogassian: “Ornamentation…preciousness is at the very nucleus of design. It is the DNA of the form, it is the origin, so that is where you start”.

From organic shapes and textures to optical illusions and geometrics, according to Daniel, the light and shadow play is where he finds life, activity, movement: “Imbuing a wall with surface tension reveals the interaction of static components. When walking past a tiled wall, light and shadow play along the raised patterns and create the illusion of movement."

To view more of Mr Ogassian’s work visit the link below.