╳ Pinch Pots

Thread Count Lab just adores these gorgeous Pinch pots. A Pinch pot is an ancient, as well as contemporary, form of pottery. The ‘pinching’ method is a means to creating ceramics that can be ornamental or functional, and has been widely employed across cultures and times. Simple clay vessels such as bowls and cups of various sizes can be formed and shaped by hand using a methodical pinching process in which the clay walls are thinned by ‘pinching’ them with thumb and forefinger.

Priscilla Mouritzen, a South African Potter living in Denmark, has created the most delicate morsels using porcelain and Engobe glazes. Engobes can be defined as liquid clay slips of different make-ups, which are applied to the surface of pottery or ceramics to give colour or texture to a piece, and range from dipping to brushing or even spraying.

Mouritzen has exhibited widely in Europe, including the prestigious Galerie Besson, and is a board member of the Guldagergaard Ceramic Centre, Skælskør and the World Crafts Council Europe. She is a regular participant in seminars and conferences on ceramics, but surprisingly though, there is little biographical information available about Ms Mouritzen for disclosure. We’ll let the work speak for itself! To enjoy more of Priscilla Mouritzen’s beautiful artefacts visit her Flickr imagebank.