╳ Triple Word Score

Wordsmiths and novices alike will be in for a treat when playing Andrew Clifford Capener’s new A-1 Scrabble Designer Edition. With the aim of exciting people about typography he has injected new life into an old, but still much loved, game, through re-working its visual language (please excuse the pun!) Although not yet in production, the A-1 Scrabble set would ideally be available in one font of choice or, alternatively with an assortment of typefaces, for the indecisive.

With a beautiful board and interior box made out of solid walnut, and an exterior box made from birch, playful font anarchy allows each board to take on a creative life of its own, beyond a good Triple Word Score, and when you’ve got ‘Courier New’ and ‘Book Antiqua’ syllables carousing freely with consonants from ‘Helvetica’ and ‘Times New Roman’, the game board become an interactive art piece that grows as each word is put down.