╳ The Fabulous Gitte Lee

"I realize that the worst aspect of aging is that you have less time to do all the things you have not yet done.  That is, you're running against time, knowing from the outset that it's a lost battle".

Gitte Lee

True style is timeless as are ladies d’un certain age! With her signature black glasses and different hats, to protect her skin from the sun, former model Gitte Lee is returning to the fashion spotlight in Celine’s latest advertising campaign. Who better to capture the style and elegance of Celine than this fabulous grand dame of (ageless) style…and what better icon to ‘kick off’ our return after Thread Count Lab’s summer odyssey?

Married, for over 50 years, to the most famous of all Count Dracula’s Sir Christopher Lee, Lady Gitte has always been particular about the way she dresses, and started making her own clothes at the age of nine.

Bravo to Celine for recognising such a wonderful individual and for using an older woman in their campaign, and bravo also to acclaimed fashion photographer Tim Walker who has shot this legendary lady, for Italian Vogue (October 2010), alongside an accordingly styled young model paying homage to Lee's unique fashion aesthetic.

Thread Count thought: yet another score in the fight against ageism.