╳ Potential Energy

   Established in 2010 by John Astbury, Bengt Brummer and Karin Wallenbeck, WHATSWHAT is the Swedish design trio who conceived ‘Potential Energy’ for ICFF 2010 in New York. The three prototype lamps are based on the theme 'Potential Energy'. Each lamp represents the presence of both suggested and actual movement, and each piece expresses a different take on potential energy. Playing with structure, dynamics and atmosphere, the collection is a story of analogue dimming, movement and rest. ‘Greta’ (pictured below) is a pendant light with an adjustable lampshade, and by pulling the drawstring users can uniquely change the character of the piece and redirect the light.

These lights exude an innocent charm, which when coupled with users’ interactions transforms the objects’ shapes through an intriguing set of mechanical effects, reminds us of childhood play.