╳ Mia Pearlman

Based in Brookyln, Mia Pearlman received her BFA from Cornell University in 1996, and since then has exhibited internationally in numerous galleries, non-profit spaces and museums. A recent installation: SLASH: PAPER UNDER THE KNIFE showcases her paperwork Inrush, 'which utilises natural light entering through the window cut on the west side of the building to blur distinction between interior and exterior space.'

‘Voluta’, one of Ms Pearlman’s pieces, is a limited edition laser cut sculpture made from translucent high impact polystyrene. Easy to construct, it transforms from a two dimensional piece of paper into a swirling three dimensional vortex and each piece is invidually signed and numbered by the artist.

“I make site-specific cut paper installations, ephemeral drawings in both two and three dimensions that blur the line between actual, illusionistic and imagined space. Extremely sculptural and often glowing with natural or artificial light, these imaginary weather systems appear frozen in an ambiguous moment, bursting through or hovering within a room. Existing only for the length of an exhibition, this weightless world totters on the brink of being and not being, continually in flux. It is my mediation on creation, destruction, and the transient nature of reality.”

A very beautiful artistic statement.

To view more of Ms Pearlman’s exquisite work follow the link below.