╳ Simple Science

Simple Science by Linda Dong, is quite simply and charmingly, the ongoing photographic exploration of the beauty inherent in simple scientific concepts and experiments.

Ms Dong, a sophomore Industrial Design student at Carnegie Mellon University, clearly has her own (very interesting) agenda, and in addition to the world of industrial design she pursues her interest in web design and biology.  Currently working as a UI (User Interface) intern at Apple she has previously interned at Puma, where she produced web graphics and interactive media for puma.com.

According to Linda: "I decided to photograph home science experiments to show how beautiful simple science can be."  And Thread Count Lab agrees, the Air Pressure experiment, shown here in the movie clip, illustrates in the most graphic simplicity how science works. It is rare indeed these days, to find a student with so much personality and so motivated to ‘create’.  She must be an inspiration to her tutors and classmates alike.

To follow or view more of Linda Dong’s work please follow the links below.

Images (top to bottom)

Found objects: Potential energy 2

Needles in a balloon: Balloons are made up of polymer chains that stretch and seal around punctures.

Things Organized Neatly: Crystallization from a supersaturated solution of copper sulfate