╳ The Paper Haberdashery

The Paper Haberdashery is a paper and passementerie Atelier accomplished in craft production, who combine handcrafted techniques with cutting edge technology, to make products which are hand finished to the highest quality; and according to their Facebook page: "quite simply create exquisite and unique pieces of paper art."

Sourcing their materials and passementerie from a wide variety of international suppliers, The Paper Haberdashery uses decorative elements to create beautiful custom made originals; and after viewing their Album N° 1 Christmas Card Collection Thread Count Lab agrees.  The Christmas Card (pictured) has been so intricately cut it almost looks like filigree lacework.  To date they have no website, however who knows what 2011 will bring?  We'll put it on our wishlist!

To learn more about The Paper Haberdashery follow this link.