╳ Carolyn Quartermaine

Carolyn Quartermaine’s use of soft and tender colour is a joy to behold and her bolder incarnations simply breathtaking. Her work is exclusively personal and reflects a truly unique sensitivity. She's an artist and interior designer who uses colour, light and texture that makes rooms dance with ethereal beauty.

A winner of the prestigious Maison et Objets Designer of the Year 2008, Ms Quartermaine’s textile collections fall into 4 categories: Fresh, Flowers, Script and Modern Lace; and how refreshing to see that her work, embedded with so much personal integrity, has not been over commodified and licensed out to every ‘Tom, Dick and Harry.’ Instead Ms Quartermaine quietly continues to do her ‘thing’ which also includes interior design. Her interiors are a favourite amongst the fashion set and she has designed for the famous Sketch Restaurant in London, the revamp of the famous Bluebird Fashion emporium on the King's Road and products and packaging for Baccarat, Escada and Fortnum and Mason. A pioneer of the mix of modern minimalism and baroque interiors for over 25 years Carolyn Quartermaine has been heralded internationally as a creator of future heirlooms and collectibles and her faultless eye has inspired the likes of Donna Karan and Joseph.

Quartermaine's career took off in the early 1980s where after graduating from the Royal College of Art, she made her mark creating fabrics adorned with old-world calligraphy. In 1986, Quartermaine had her first big break after she rang the then owner of Liberty to see if she could show him her work. "He liked it and gave me the entire fourth floor and the main Regent Street window to exhibit in for a month" Quartermaine recalls. And the rest, as they say is history!