→ Numbers, Logic And Space

→ Numbers, logic and space form the common denominators in all Maiko Takeda pieces. In Maiko's world, the simple seems complicated, and order turns to chaos.

→ In her Cinematography Collection (2009), Maiko questions whether shadows might obtain a quality in themselves and be further transformed into body adornment. Each piece consisting simply of minimal and geometric elements, such as variously sized circular holes, pristine outlines and forms, projecst an unexpected shadow when light is shone through, resulting in a photographic-like image or organic form. The light, shadow and body trilogy all work together to create an installation work, in which the shadow remains secret, but when revealed manifests itself as 'jewellery'.

→ Growing up in a green and quiet area of Tokyo, a rarity in itself, has informed the small oddities that dominate Maiko's work, which is not merely about contrast, but respecting each shape and each material to evince its diversity.